About Us.

Thermoaqua aims to be the leading supplier of instantaneous and storage water heaters in the country.  

Thermoaqua is the Philippines’ brand of choice for “top of the line” water heaters. Using high grade materials and manufacturing processes, we will provide you with a shower experience that will enhance the quality of your health and life.

Thermoaqua exists to provide the Filipino consumer with quality shower heaters at affordable prices.

Thermoaqua believes that good health should be accessible without having to spend a fortune. Driven by this belief, we will provide consumers with competitively-priced water heaters that will give everyone a fresh start to their day, every day. We will support this with exceptional customer service that will guarantee an uninterrupted, enjoyable bathing experience. 

All of this will be made possible with dedicated employees who are the backbone of the firm. To this end, we commit to providing our own people with a positive work environment, industry-standard compensation and benefits, and an overall quality of work life experience.

Here at Thermoaqua Inc., we strongly believe that corporate success is possible if we treat our internal and external customers with genuine concern, caring and fairness. 

To this end, we will: 

Provide a work environment where diversity is celebrated, ideas and opinions are valued, teamwork and collaboration are encouraged and individual differences are respected.

Promote a culture that value hard work, equal treatment regardless of rank or office, fair and just reward for a fair day's labor and integrity of character.

Only when we show genuine concern and caring for our own people can we better serve our external customers through:  

Relevant response to our clients' concerns regarding the use of our products; 

Courteous and professional attitude shown at all times; 

Timely delivery of support services to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment of our products, and

A sincere desire to please our customers and make each encounter a delightful experience.  


It started out as an import arm of a water heating company in 2015. 

In 2018, it started its marketing and technical service operations to serve the growing water heater market. 

For the demand water heaters, Thermoaqua is an authorized distributor of the Atmor brand. On the last quarter of 2018, the company introduced to the market its own model of shower heaters, the Thermoaqua Elite water heaters. 

For the storage water heaters, Thermoaqua carries select sizes of the State and the Rheem electric storage water heaters. 

Thermoaqua markets its products direct to the end users - the home makers and home owners who decide on the kind of water heaters they like. Thermoaqua also supply the water heater needs of establishments in the hospitality and wellness industries such as hotels, inns, restaurants, salons, spas, gyms, fitness clubs, hospitals, etc. 

Establishing business relationships with specifiers, interior designers, contractors, plumbers, sanitary engineers, architects, and other trade professionals who are involved in the water heating designs of residential and commercial projects are also undertaken. 

Thermoaqua provides free delivery and installation of its sold water heater units within Metro Manila / NCR region.